Parted Magic 2022 Full – Hard Drive Partition Tool

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Download Parted Magic Full – The best hard drive partition tool

Introduction to

Parted Magic is a powerful program that works with hard disk partitions. With tools that help you recover partitions, boot, check drive state, restore, copy and store data (images videos documents), burn CDs… This program supports a wide range of filesystems including HFS, HFS+, and fat32. It also includes ext2, ext3, JFS, Linux-Swap, Ntfs (reiserfs), xfs (reiser4), JFS, JFS, JFS, JFS, JFS, JFS, linux swap, ext4, ext4, ext3, ext4, ntfs.

Features and functions of Parted Magic

Disk partition

PartedMagic provides the tools you need to complete the task. You can copy, resize, and move partitions with Partition Editor. You can expand or contract the C: drive. Make room for new operating systems.

Rescue data

PartedMagic lets you easily reset or modify your Windows password. Recover lost files. Recover files from devices that have disk read errors.

Disk cloning

You can clone the entire hard drive of your computer or just a partition. Cloned data may be saved either as an image or as a copy. The data can be saved on a local storage device, SSH server, or Samba Server. When needed, the cloned file can be used to restore the original data.

Erase disk

PartedMagic provides simple solutions for overrides. Internal secure deletion. Wipe free space.


You need all the tools for benchmarking! Bonnie++, IOzone Hard Info, System stability tester, prime, and stress.

No installation is required!

PartedMagic runs as a Linux standalone operating system. Runs from a USB or CD drive. There is nothing installed.

Parted Magic

What is the best disk partitioning software?

Disk partitioning is the process of dividing a hard drive into several storage units, called partitions. Multiple partitions on a physical disk are useful to run more than one operating system. Each partition can have a different filesystem.

Erase SSD safely?

All of the SSD’s cells will be marked empty when Parted Magic Secure Erase (also known as Parted Magic Secure Erase) is used.

Benchmark Software?

Benchmark programs measure the performance of computers by comparing them to benchmarks.

Parted Magic Tools:

  • TestDisk: Restore the boot record
  • Fdisk, sfdisk: Edit partition table
  • Partition image: Working with disk images
  • GParted: partition editor
  • PhotoRec: recovers lost data from hard drive
  • Ntfsprogs: Working with NTF Partitions
  • Dosfstools Create FAT partitions and verify their integrity


Download the ISO file, extract it, and use it.

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