GoldWave 6.60 Full – Editing, editing audio

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Download GoldWave Full – Professional Audio Editing and Editing Software

Software introduction:

GoldWave is a professional audio editing software highly appreciated by many users that performs complex processing, restoration, enhancement and conversion tasks. With GoldWave , you can listen to your favorite songs and view photos in real time, record any source from your computer, add rich sound effects, edit old recordings, and more.

GoldWave is a professional audio player and processor that includes features such as playing and changing playback speed, capturing audio from various sources on your computer, editing audio with basic commands like Cut, Copy, Paste, Trim, Replace and Overwrite, add sound effects, edit old recordings.

In addition to the audio editing feature , GoldWave also supports separating lyrics , taking music files without the singer’s voice (also known as beat music) for people to sing karaoke.

GoldWave equips powerful toolset to support functions such as copying audio directly from CD, merging multiple audio files together, combining effects, processing multiple files in different formats different.

If you want to distort the sound or reduce the noise level in your recordings, GoldWave will be the best choice for you to transform and do everything with your audio files.

Most of the faulty, poor quality sounds are unused and easily removed by you immediately, but there are many important audio files that you don’t know how to renew. Using GoldWave software will help you refresh, fix errors to produce a completely new and better quality sound file.

GoldWave is fully integrated with the necessary tools and features to help you edit, edit, and refresh audio from many different sources in your computer or on the internet.

GoldWave also provides features that allow users to convert back and forth popular audio formats such as MP3, MP2, AAC, WMA… with fast conversion speed and good quality of converted files.

Key features of GoldWave software

Comprehensive audio editor features:

You own a lot of music, recorded sounds from chats on Voice chat applications, or from Radio, Internet … but the quality is not satisfactory. Using GoldWave software will help you edit these types of sounds with the volume and sharpness you want.

– Provides a variety of sound effects and filters:

GoldWave provides users with a lot of sound effects such as: Doppler, Dynamics, Echo, Invent, Flange, Offset, Pitch, Reverse… and filters: Noise gate, Noise reduction, Low/Highpass, Bandpass /Stop, Equalizer…

– Recording support:

This utility allows users to record sounds from tools such as cassettes, vinyl records, radios through the tool connected to a computer or Microphone. All your favorite sounds will be easily recorded with high quality for users to use when needed. At the same time, the program also allows to add special effects to the sound (such as inversion, voiding, echo, distortion …) and preview these effects.

To edit the music tone when recording, you can combine it with MP3 Keyshifter software with a pretty perfect set of audio processing tools, helping you create a more complete recording file, in addition, MP3 Keyshifter also has the ability background music optimization and save during recording.

– Recover recordings:

This software also helps users to restore old recordings with noise filter adjustments, good sound to have a recording with completely different quality.

– Make copies of audio CDs:

GoldWave helps to copy music CDs and depending on the purpose of use, users can choose a save format for audio such as WMA, MP3, OGG ….

– Flexible conversion between music formats:

This utility supports easy conversion between WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, AIFF, AU, VOX, MAT, SND, VOC.. and binary data formats. It also supports formats for compressed audio such as WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC.


– Edit multiple files at once:

The program can work with a multi-window interface to edit and edit multiple music files at the same time with fast speed. Users can perform all cutting, copying and pasting operations of music files without affecting the output.

– Smart editor and processor:

GoldWave provides chain editing capabilities that apply to a large list of files. Users can use drag and drop operations to handle files such as automatically locating and splitting files, editing audio, etc.

– Audio editor used for many different purposes:

With such comprehensive features, this software is very trusted to edit and create music for many entertainment and sports programs on television, movies, news programs …


1) Install software

2) Go to the keygen folder, run the file “keygen.exe” and get the key to enter the software
3) Done!

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