Pano2VR Pro 6.1.13 Full Key-Create virtual travel photos

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Download Pano2VR Pro Full Active – Create virtual travel photos

Introduction to

Pano2VR has powerful Virtual Tour software that converts panoramic or 360-degree videos to interactive experiences.  Pano2VR allows you to create immersive experiences on any modern browser, whether you are working with a single gigapixel panoramic image or a virtual tour that includes thousands of scenes.

It makes it easy to convert 360-degree panorama images into QuickTime VR, HTML5, and Flash formats. You can easily create 360-degree interactive panoramas. It allows you to insert videos, images, and sounds into your project. You can also change the appearance of your project to something awesome and different.

Pano2VR Pro provides some features to the Skin Editor. You can now use time with each element and some predefined elements.

Features of Pano2VR Pro

Create a virtual tour

Virtual tours let users explore places around the globe, from homes to real estate and museums to landmarks. Pano2VR Pro lets you link panorama nodes or scenes, choose your transitions, and let users move from one scene to another with a single click or tap. Use our integrated Tour Map to give the location of the scene a greater context. You can also easily integrate floor plans or Google Maps.

Take better photos

Pano2VR’s patch mode can be used to remove tripods and other imperfections from images. This tool allows you to extract a patch of a panorama that is defined without distortion. It makes editing much easier. The patch can be identified in the viewer, extracted, edited in your favorite editor, and then saved. Once it has been saved, it will automatically apply the modified patch to the panorama.

Experience the best of your life

You can add interactive elements to your panoramas such as information pop-ups and photo hotspots. Directional audio and video are also available. You can use the skins included in the software or the Skin Editor to create custom buttons and controllers.


Highlights revealed

Create animated paths to automatically navigate between each node of your tour. This will highlight key scenes. The viewer can pause the animation at any time to explore and interact further. This tutorial can be exported as a video.

Click to Enlarge

Pano2VR can display images in gigapixels, allowing viewers to zoom into images and see incredible detail. Load the largest panorama that you can find. Pano2VR can handle the job, and it does so quickly. The output is also pixel-perfect.

Your work should be highlighted

Export panoramas to HTML5 and upload them onto your server. This plugin allows you to upload your finished projects directly to your WordPress website.

Google Street View

Pano2VR, a Street View-ready app, allows you to edit and upload tours to Google Street View.

Audio Directional

Pano2VR Audio Modes can be used to add directional sound to your project.

WordPress Plugins

Add panoramas, virtual tours, and VR objects to your WordPress website.


Install the software by unzipping it.

After installation, exit the program.

The entire Patched File should be copied to the Software Installation section. Default:

C:\Program Files\Pano2VR6

Firewall 4: Blocking software

Then, open the software to the registration page. Use the Key from Readme.txt to register Offline the software.

6 – Complete.

Download Now 

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