PreSonus Studio One Pro Full – Professional music production

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Download PreSonus Studio One Pro Full – Software that provides recording and editing functions necessary for music production

Introduction to

Studio One Pro offers essential recording, editing, and basic music production functions. It is more powerful than other DAWs and has fewer restrictions.

Studio One Pro: Features

  • Native Effects (TM) Plug-ins are available in Studio One Pro.
  • Virtual Instruments: The Studio One Pro is equipped with a number of virtual instruments, such as Mojito, SampleOne, Mojito Impact, and Presence.
  • Integration of external hardware: Audio interfaces and controls that are easy to use, including instrument controllers, signal processors, and sound modules.
  • Studio One Pro includes a lot of content and tools.
  • Melodyne Integration: Studio One Free not only provides a copy of Melodyne but also allows for Melodyne pitch adjustments to provide a seamless experience.
  • Online community and support: Studios One is a global community with a large number of users. This community includes a technical support team that’s excellent, an forum active, resources shared, and much more. Many other benefits are available to users.


To completely clean PreSonus, remove all
Remove the *.license file from the folders listed above if you only need to remove the license.

0. Uninstall the previous version.

1. Install StudioOne.

2. Run StudioOne.
Close the login window to initiate offline authorization.

3. Use our keygen to activate Windows.
Copy MachineID keygen to your computer.

4. Create a license.

5. Authorize StudioOne using “studio app *.pro.license”.

Studio One Pro
If you want to authorize StudioOne5, then “” is your choice.

Use other licenses to authorize extensions.

If you want to authorize PreSonusHub, copy “presonushub. license” to
“%PROGRAMDATA%\PreSonus\PreSonus Hub\”

Six: Completed

The license created is linked to that of the main application.
You will need to create all assets again and re-authorize them if you wish to add more assets.
StudioOne has a number of menu options that allow you to reauthorize.

StudioOne GUI allows you to enable extensions simply by dragging multiple *.license files into it.
Or just copy all the extension license files to “%PROGRAMDATA%\PreSonus\License Store\”.

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