Synthesia 10.7 Full Key-Practice playing the piano on the computer

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Download Synthesia Full Active-The best software to practice piano on your computer

Introduction to

Synthesia allows you to learn and practice piano quickly on your computer, by using the keyboard with hovering as you would when manipulating piano keys. This software has many experimental and training features that will help you to improve every day.

Synthesia is a very simple and easy-to-use interface. It has a built-in library of 100 tracks, ranging from the simple to the complex. You can also find additional songs by searching for songs that are in Midi format. It helps you play any Midi files on the virtual keyboard. IT allows you to customize your tracks, allowing you to select how fast or slow they play. It’s a great tool for beginners. If you are not familiar with musical notation, It can help you.

Synthesia allows users to play Piano music on their computer using the same keys and support tools as a real Piano. The virtual keyboard allows users to play Piano music with crisp and realistic sounds. It is easy to customize and configure keys.

Synthesia Features:

Support for learning piano on a computer
Features a variety of practice modes, including experimental and practice modes.
Customize the keyboard as you wish
– Play songs live with realistic sound
– Save each player’s score



Install the software by extracting it.

After installation, exit the program.

3 – Copy “Synthesia.exe”, to the folder where the software is installed.

Copy the folder “Synthesia”, to the path.


Firewalls can be used to block software.

5 – Done.

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