WinNc 10.1 Full Key – Computer data management software

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Download WinNc Full – Computer data management software

Introduction to

WinNc gives users the ability to manage all data on their computers. The utility also provides a wide range of useful and basic features that will help you manage your data.

WinNc allows you to classify and organize all data on your computer in a scientific way. WinNc also allows users to cut, copy, move, delete files, edit them, drag and drop, display thumbnails, and compress and decompress.


– Manage your hard drive data effectively.
The data on your computer has been classified and organized scientifically.
– Copy, cut, move files, delete them, edit them, drag-and-drop, show thumbnails, decompress and compress, etc. – Compress or decompress popular formats like:
Create compressed exe files using ZIP, RAR, Ace, TAR, or tar (automatically decompressed).
Play MP3 audio, and music or convert WAV files to MP3.
Connect to FTP to upload files to the Internet.



1 Install and exit the software
2) Copies the crack file into the software installation directory. The default is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\WinNc
3) Run “Run as Administrator” on the crack file and click the “Crack button”
4) To register, open the software by pressing the following keys: 6883-1652-5188
5) Complete!

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