Download SolidWorks 2018 Full Active

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SolidWorks 2018 is fully active

SolidWorks, along with Catia, CATIA V6R2012, and Catia 5R21, is a popular product from Dassault Systems.  It is a 3D design software widely used by industries, and is one of the most popular products from the Dassault system. Computer graphics is used in many different fields, including architecture, construction, mechanics, etc. SolidWorks is one of the most popular design software in the world. , developed by SolidWorks, is another. This software allows you to create detailed 3-D models and assemble them into a machine part. You can also check the dynamics of your model, as well as provide information on materials.

SolidWorks software allows other popular software to run on its environment. It exports standard data files that can be used in other analysis software, such as ANSYS ADAMS Pro-Casting… Many CAD/CAM programs have developed modules to directly identify SolidWorks data files…

 Installation instructions
1. Disconnect yourself from the Internet.

2. Install.NET Framework 3.5 or 4.0.

3. Copy the contents of the Cr@ck folder to the C drive, right-click the file “SolidWorks.2017.Activator.SSQ.exe” and select “Run as Adminstrator” to run the drug file.

Please follow the steps below.
3-1. Select “Force Local Activation Serial Numbers”, from the dropdown menu, by clicking the “Set Serial Number” Button. Click “Accept serial number”.


3-2. Click on the “Activate Licenses”. Choose in the drop-down list. Select ” Licenses Activate”. (Save the SWD.lic file for later use).

3-3. Close the activation box.

4. Install SolidWorks 2018 as usual. Do not install the SolidNetwork License Server.

5. After installation, you can run the Activator again as Administrator.
5-1. Choose the Loaders Tab, scan everything, and then click Loaders.

5-2. Do the same for Codes Express, and Products Express.
5-3. Select Activate Miscellany Products, then click on Activate (optional extra).
5-4. Close Activator Program

6. Restart your system.

7. Start the software. it can be used.

You can ignore the message if you receive it during the installation.

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